This is what they said


Talent Acquisition Manager, Malta

“Since I joined Evolution, I can honestly say I have never worked for a more robust, challenging and exciting business.

Evolution is true to its word and not only is it evolving within itself, but is also evolving its employees to new heights and proves to be the best decision I have made in my career thus far.”



Head of Satellite Operations, Romania

"I never imagined I would be managing departments within Evolution Gaming such as Training and Satellite Operations when I joined the company 6 years ago. On top of that being a part of the senior team leading our Media Control Room and working on a daily basis with colleagues across our European offices provides constant scope to grow together, achieve company-wide goals and evolve.

Evolution not only appreciates hard work and integrity but also makes the incredible happen! Evolution symbolises ongoing development, invaluable experiences, challenges and a great working environment."


Risk Manager, Latvia

"As a Risk Manager for Evolution Gaming, it is my job is to remain alert to any potential risks, this means being at the top of my game in terms of anti-fraud control and game integrity. All table and betting activity related to all our live studios is captured and monitored to make sure we do not miss a thing.

Every day I meet challenges at work which help me to grow not only as an employee, but also as a person. My experiences here have taught me to be creative, open-minded and self-confident.  

For me Evolution is not only about my career, it is also a place to be myself and be amongst friends. It feels like a second home to me, which really brings me joy."


International Academy Training Manager, Malta

“After working in Live Casino for 16 years I saw an advert to be an online dealer. The online sector was growing so fast and was the obvious way forward in the Gaming Industry.

I was part of the team that opened the very first international table back in 2010. I haven’t looked back since and I have had a wide range of responsibilities including Team Leader, Operations Shift Manager and now the International Academy Training Manager. I am very proud to be part of Evolution Gaming and look forward to many more years here.”


Head of Graphic Designer, Latvia

"I’ve been working in this company since January 2008 and for me Evolution Gaming is a lot more than just a work place. This company has helped to develop me, it has rewarded me with so many completely different life and career experiences, educated me and finally has given me so many truly good friends. 

This is a great place to work because it never stops, you have a feeling that you are always on the runway and it keeps you so energetic and dynamic that sometimes you just can’t believe it. 

My position means that I get to work with bright, talented, super creative people and I can say we are a very strong team. Our mission is to build the best products in the gaming industry and we work very hard to reach our goals, where we’ve been very successful. 

Evolution Gaming inspires me in so many ways and I’m very pleased to be a part of it!"


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Key Account Manager, UK

“I work as a Key Account Manager based in the London office. Since I joined Evolution Gaming I have had the opportunity to work with many of our top licensees. My day to day job allows me to be involved in all aspects of the operator’s Live Casino – from new product releases to working on promotions campaigns on their dedicated tables and creating strategies to help them maximise their revenue.

Working at Evolution Gaming is both rewarding and exciting because we have so many varied licensees from Sportsbook providers to poker sites to lottery operators who have a global presence. I have only been at Evolution for a short time but everyone has been very welcoming and I feel that working in this fast paced environment allows me to continually evolve my career as well as my licensees Live Casino presence.”


Head of Service Management & Customer Support, Latvia 

"Despite having quite a varied career background that involves industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, media and oil, I wasn’t quite expecting the pace at which the gaming industry operates, or at least, not the pace that Evolution Gaming operates at.

The rate of development and expansion that I have been part of in Evolution Gaming over the last three years has been quite remarkable. Having such a highly respected market-leading product has not caused Evolution to rest in its laurels. On the contrary, the hunger and desire to maintain that status pushes everyone in Evolution to consistently out-do past achievements, creating what is the most dynamic and exciting environment I have ever worked in.

With Live Casino still being a relatively new addition to the world of gaming, I feel like we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg and know that the rate of product expansion and enhancement is set to continue at this rapid pace for the foreseeable future. In nature, evolution occurs at a relatively slow pace. In Evolution Gaming, we evolve our services at breakneck speed."


Junior QA Engineer, Latvia

“Why do I love Evolution Gaming? Because this is an incredible place to work. The business is growing rapidly and never stops. There are always opportunities to grow within the company and you can progress along your chosen career path to reach your goals.

Why is Evolution such a successful business? Because everyone who works for Evolution is passionate about what he/she is doing and strives to be the best. The formula for success is the winning combination of a world-class team and the passion that goes into everything we do!”


Senior Team Manager, Malta

"When I started working for Evolution Gaming I never expected how fast my career, and the opportunities I received within Evolution, would be. After working  in Latvia for one year I transferred to Malta to work as a Game Presenter. The more I learnt about our fast growing company, the more I became interested in bringing something extra, and being involved on a higher level. This eventually lead me to get the opportunity to move over to the floor management side of Evolution Gaming Malta.

It sounds clichéd but every day when I walk in to our energetic and exciting office, it puts a smile on my face knowing I can work in a young and fast moving company and guide ambitious and talented people who use their talent to be sparkling and alive in front of our 24/7 live cameras.  

Evolution supported, coached, trained, guided and most importantly they developed me to be the Manager I am today. I hope to achieve a lot more with this company and the team of talented and focused people within it. I see a bright future ahead of us."


iTeam Member, Latvia

"My career at Evolution started in September 2012. I really liked that I was part of an international company, practicing my English skills with huge possibilities to climb the career ladder.

My schedule allowed me to work and continue my studies at university. For the first six months I worked as a Game Presenter on the generic tables and then I moved to the VIP Team. I wanted to participate in other parts of company life and I had ample opportunity to do so. This ranged from contributing article on Casino Hold’em to our company magazine and participating in various photoshoots. The shoots are great fun and I always feel proud to see my picture in magazines, promotions, calendars, posters and now even on billboards in the streets in Riga.

I then had the opportunity to work simultaneously as a Game Presenter and join the iTeam. Our main duties in the iTeam are to look for features and enhancements that can be added to our products to make them even better, as well carry out user experience analysis to make sure our products are intuitive.

I have the perfect schedule so I am currently studying for my Masters degree whilst working. Now I have time for work, game and product testing, gym, my studies, my hobbies and time to spend with my family and friends. One of the best things about working here is that my colleagues are always willing to lend a hand and help you if you need it."



1st Line Support Specialist, Latvia

"Evolution Gaming is an outstanding company to be a part of. It is a great place to work as it is such a fast growing and dynamic organisation. We have great leadership, talented employees as well as a collaborative culture. Due to our culture and clear values, we all work together towards new reachable and common goals. All of these factors constantly give opportunities for further personal and professional development.

On a daily basis we try to make each client feel unique by fulfilling all their queries and delivering an individual approach. We monitor the operations at the live tables 24/7 in order to ensure smooth game play for end-users and provide the initial technical analysis of irregularities they have experienced."


Human Resources Manager International Operations, Malta

''The beauty of this company is the opportunity one gets to form part of and develop a team of incredibly talented individuals who strive to achieve nothing more than brilliance.

 My ultimate responsibility here lies in leading the Human Resources division for the International Department in Malta and other satellite operations. I can only say what a pleasure it is to bring together a multitude of employees from different parts of world, each with a particular skill set and drive, yet all working together to achieve the same goal.
We truly are a cocktail of nationalities in this department which gives Evolution Gaming yet another dimension on which to base its excellence and an edge not comparable to many.
To say I am proud is an understatement. I am both fortunate and privileged not only to witness but also to be involved in achieving the unbelievable milestones that have been reached in such a short span of time. The journey here just keeps getting more and more exciting and rewarding.
Having such substance beneath our feet and limitless boundaries on what one can achieve, Evolution will not only remain the world’s leading provider for innovative Live Casino solutions, but it will continue uniting exceptional minds within the Evolution family and instilling innovation through its people; this is paramount to the company’s, and more importantly, our personal success.''


Shuffler, Malta

“When I was searching for a new job two years ago, I made strict rules for myself. As I had many years of office experience, I wanted to have a job that didn’t entail slitting all day long in front of computer, I wanted to be a part of a team I loved and have a job that I could fit around my lifestyle.

Working at Evolution Gaming ticked all of those boxes. My role as Shuffler means that I work on maintaining the highest standards of game integrity and I love our international team and my flexible working pattern. If you are open minded, ready for a new and exciting career experience in a fast growing company and accept new challenges (with all necessary training guaranteed), be sure that Evolution Gaming is for you.”


Administrator, Latvia

"I love working  for Evolution Gaming because we are a fast-growing and rapidly developing company. I definitely get a feel for the dynamic nature of Evolution being involved in the  management of the office, meaning that I get to interact with everyone across all the departments in our office.

Every morning starts with breath-taking and exciting challenges where I can push myself to new heights and learn something new. Here you always have a chance to prove yourself and be noticed. Each working day is filled with positive emotions and I experience that side by side with the best colleagues.

I wholeheartedly believe Confucius’ words when he said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Head of Service Management, International Operations

I believe one of the reasons our customers stay loyal to Evolution Gaming is because all of our employees live and breathe our core values. Alive and Integrity are the overarching values for each individual working in our company, it is in our blood and without those our service would not be so exceptional. 

I am delighted to work in such a multi-cultural environment and glad that we have so many talented and interesting personalities, who work perfectly together on a daily basis. Most employees in Malta are young, fresh, adventure-driven and alive. Personally working in Casino Management, I know that we are 100% committed to our integrity. We follow our procedures and deal with difficult situations with the most transparency possible for our customers, which builds huge levels of trust between us and our licensees and partners. 

I have been working in Evolution Gaming since 2011 and I am proud to be part of this great, forever growing, ever-changing business culture and facing new challenges every day. I could not wish for anything better.


Business Development Manager, Latvia

"I love Evolution Gaming because you never get bored here – it’s absolutely impossible. You are surrounded not only by lots of young energetic people but also by super professionals who help you to grow and develop with the company every day.

You can come in with zero experience in this industry but find a place for yourself where you will be able to use your skills and talents for sure. No day is ever 100% predictable. Each day is a new challenge that makes us better as individuals."


Game Presenter, Malta

"I have been working here for almost a year now and I must say I’m very happy to be part of this international team. I deal Blackjack at the moment and I've learned a lot! I’ve also got to know so many cultures and characters. I enjoy my job and the players are always so nice. Working at Evolution is a great opportunity to enjoy the different activities here, and I look forward to learning much more."


Product Owner, Latvia

“It’s fantastic being amongst so many talented people – this is the key to Evolution’s success and the key reason for me wanting to work at Evolution.

We have the best technologies, tools and solutions and there’s a results-orientated approach to everything we do, which is very satisfying from a personal as well as a business perspective. There’s a hunger for success amongst the staff and full commitment from everyone. I love it here!”


Service Manager, Latvia

"Before I started working at Evolution Gaming I did not have any experience in this industry, so it was very interesting for me to discover this fast-paced, dynamic world. I had never imagined that my work place could bring me so much joy. Every day is different here with its own unique moments and events.

We have a very friendly, talented and creative team that consists of people of different ages, nationalities and life views driven by the same goal - to provide the best service possible. It is amazing how helpful and supportive everybody is. On a daily basis I monitor the Live Casino service and try to identify areas that can be improved. Every day is different because there are always new things that you come across and it is fun to solve them. I like my job for being so diverse and complicated, I feel challenged every day and it drives me forward."