Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

As a world leading provider in live casino solutions Evolution Gaming Group is committed to responsibility and compliance throughout all aspects of its business. This means a commitment to responsible gaming, transparency in all of the group's dealings and acting honestly and professionally with integrity. Evolution is also committed to create environments where people want to work, challenge themselves, perform, and develop a rewarding career.

To ensure that Evolution comply with applicable laws and regulations and that its set values and desired ways of business are communicated and followed throughout the entire organisation, the company has developed a number of governing documents, including this Code of Conduct (the “Code”).

The purpose of this Code is to help to put Evolution's core values of integrity, innovation, flexibility, reliability and teamwork into action in everyday work situations and provide guidance for how to act as a company and employees. It also explains what Evolution an employee can expect from Evolution.

This Code is applicable to all employees, officers and directors of Evolution worldwide. Moreover, Evolution expects its customers, suppliers and business partners to adhere to standards similar to those reflected in this Code in the conduct of their own businesses.

Where relevant, this Code refers to more detailed policies at corporate and/or local level. If any local policies and guiding documents vary from, or are, contradictory to the Code, the Code shall prevail.