Financial Objectives

The Board of Directors has adopted three financial objectives for the group.

  • Revenue Growth - To grow faster than the total European Live Casino market.
  • Profitability - To maintain a sustainable EBITDA margin of at least 35 percent.
  • Dividend Policy - To distribute a minimum dividend of 50 percent of net profit.

The assumptions on which the group has based its medium- to long-term financial objectives include that: 

  • Evolution is able to achieve revenue growth in the European Live Casino market, at a level approximately in line with the average level of market growth expected in the European Live Casino market according to H2GC. 
  • Evolution is able to continue to develop its Live Casino offering by increasing its product and service offering, and is able to enhance the quality of its current offering, including with respect to the company’s high growth mobile offering, each in line with the company’s historical progress and with market and customer expectations and demands. 
  • Evolution is able to continue to manage its costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, personnel expenses), and is able to maintain its current margin while managing the impact of its entrance into regulated markets, including the introduction or applicability of new taxes, further investments and expansion of its Live Casino offering and the continued growth and development of group’s operations. 
  • Evolution is able to maintain its current customer base, particularly with respect to its large tier 1 customers, and existing customers continue to invest in their Live Casino offering. 
  • Evolution is able to maintain its market share in each of the jurisdictions in which it operates, and if newly regulated markets open up, Evolution Gaming is able to establish itself as a leading provider of Live Casino solutions in these newly regulated markets. 
  • Evolution is able to maintain the permits/licences and other regulatory approvals and authorisations required to operate in the jurisdictions in which the Group operates. 

In preparing the medium- to long-term financial objectives, Evolution Gaming has assumed that no major adverse effects shall be forthcoming from significant changes, including without limitation, within the following areas: 

  • The regulatory environment, rules and regulations (including, but not limited to, accounting) applicable to the group, the Live Casino industry, the group’s customers and the broader online casino industry. 
  • The strategies of the group’s major customers in sourcing products and services, including their use of third party providers, and renewing contracts covering services for their Live Casinos currently provided by the group. 
  • The competitive landscape in the Live Casino and online gambling industries, including competitive pricing pressure, technological changes and developments in the market or by competitors, and the group’s ability to continue to successfully deliver its products and services online. 
  • The existing political, fiscal, market or economic conditions, and the administrative, regulatory or tax-related treatment of the group.

The Board of Directors shall take into account a number of factors when recommending that Evolution pay a dividend, including the company’s future profits, investment needs, liquidity and development opportunities as well as general economic and business conditions. The company declares dividends in EUR. Payment of dividends will therefore be made in EUR, provided that EUR can be received on the shareholder’s account; if not, payment of dividends will be made in SEK, after currency exchange by Euroclear or the company. Shareholders with nominee-registered shareholdings should contact their nominees with respect to the dividend payment currency.