Direct to the live games from ‘outside the lobby’

Direct Game Launch is simple yet powerful add-on functionality that lets players click or tap on any marketing message from you to launch themselves straight into the live game action. Working as an add-on to the full standard presentation of your Live Casino offering in your Live Lobby, it’s the perfect acquisition, cross-selling and retention tool. 



With Direct Game Launch players can act on impulse and instantly launch and join live games via direct links you place anywhere on your website, on other web pages or in links in emails or texts.

Easy-to-implement Direct Game Launch links can be placed in eye-catching buttons, banners or videos, or in simple text links. You can place these links in your sportsbook, bingo, RNG casino or poker areas to attract new players to Live Casino; or you can push players direct to a selected table when hosting special promotions on dedicated tables. Use Direct Game Launch to acquire new players, to cross-sell to your whole customer base, to reactivate dormant players, and in general direct marketing activity via web page content, online advertising, e-marketing and mobile marketing.