Another world-first from Evolution, our First Person Gaming (FPG) range combines the best of RNG and Live Casino gaming. Superior 3D rendering and animation deliver an immersive gaming experience, while each First Person game also features a unique ‘Go LIVE’ button that transports players directly to an Evolution Live Casino game via an in-game portal.

When players choose to explore that unique journey via the portal they have the reassurance of a consistent UI and set of rules as they switch between the Evolution First Person and live games.

Massively scalable and capable of supporting thousands of concurrent players, our First Person games are superior RNG games in their own right. At the same time, they offer a powerful cross-selling tool that allows Evolution licensees to easily introduce RNG players to the excitement of Live Casino gaming and build loyalty to their complete casino games offering.



A unique RNG-based Roulette game like no other. All the usual Roulette bets are here as part of a sophisticated 3D animated Roulette table environment that’s both totally convincing and captivating.

The familiar, easy-to-use Evolution UI and action buttons — including a choice of three Spin modes — allow players to play at their own pace and make easy repeat bets. By putting the the spin and game result announcement in your player’s hands, the game caters for all player types — including those who prefer not to play under the pressure of a timed betting period, and also those who like to speed up the gameplay.

The table’s unique ’Go LIVE’ button, meanwhile, can take players on an amazing journey through the First Person game’s in-game portal and directly to an Evolution Live Roulette table.



Redefines what players can expect from an RNG Blackjack game. Evolution First Person Blackjack’s superior 3D animated environment and UI makes gameplay as close as any RNG game comes to playing Blackjack in a real casino.

First Person Blackjack includes all the usual Blackjack bets, as well as the popular Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. The easy-to-use Evolution UI and ‘Deal Now’ button also allow players of all levels to play with confidence and at their own pace.

Like all Evolution First Person games, the unique ’Go LIVE’ button on the table adds further interest and a chance for players to sample the thrill of live dealer casino gaming. At the touch of this button players are taken directly through the in-game portal to an Evolution Live Blackjack table.