See the Opportunity

Live Promotions are added-value promotions presented in real time at your Live Casino tables. They can offer instant rewards for a time-limited period, feature competitions and prize draws, or be themed to tie in with major sporting or cultural events.

By offering extra incentives, bonuses, prizes and stand-out themes, they can attract more players, encourage longer player times and increase repeat visits.

They can also be used to cross-sell your other services and attractions, such as online Sportsbook or land-based venues. The options, and the scope to drive incremental revenue, are virtually limitless.

At Evolution we pride ourselves on offering our licensees unrivalled scope for customising their Live Casino and maximising player engagement and lifetime value. Using the stream from the live table as a real-time marketing channel, Live Promotions can:

  • Extend play with existing players
  • Provide extra rewards
  • Attract and acquire new players
  • Strengthen brand loyalty and increase lifetime value
  • Boost player numbers and wagering during quiet periods
  • Maximise revenue uplift during major sporting or cultural events
  • Help to differentiate your offering and create stand-out appeal.

Licensees with a dedicated environment have even more options. They can decorate their backdrop or their whole environment to the theme of the special event. Dealers/presenters can use themed props and dedicated team staff can wear themed attire. This could be anything from football shirts during major sports matches or Bavarian traditional dress during Oktoberfest for example.

Live Promotions can be integrated in a number of ways:

  • As ad hoc one-off promotions
  • As regular weekly or monthly promotions
  • As seasonal promotions to celebrate sporting or cultural events
  • As a series of linked promotions throughout an ongoing event or competition.

Promotions can run for a specified game round, a specified time period such as a Happy Hour, a single day, a weekend or an extended promotional period running over several days or weeks and can include:

  • Bonus cards
  • Roulette Promotions
  • Blackjack Promotions
  • Themed live promotions tied in with seasonal, cultural and sporting events
  • Live Prize Draws

The opportunities are endless.